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Did It Work?

In our modern society, rain feels like an annoyance. A delay in our plans. But a farmer thinks about it a little differently. Rain is a welcome sight to the one who has seed in the ground.

Let’s talk about it…


Let’s talk about food for a sec. I’m currently on a specific meal plan, which is great in one sense: I don’t have to think about my meals during the week (just the four hours I spend on the weekends prepping the meals), I’m losing weight, I have more energy. All that is great.

But there’s a downside. Let’s talk about it…

A Pleasing Aroma

If someone you love makes a sacrifice just for you, you may not get joy out of their sacrifice, but you will feel honored. Sacrifice indicates that we are willing to release something of value so that we may cling to Someone who is utterly invaluable.

Let’s talk about it…