Original Sin – Part 2

Hi friend! I’m so glad you came back to chat today. We hit on a pretty difficult topic last week (if you haven’t read that blog, please go back and check it out, as today is a continuation of that conversation), and I’m anxious to know: how did your week of processing go? Were you able to identify a few places where the enemy has attempted to instill doubt?

Original Sin – Part 1

Happy Wednesday! Hereby reclaiming the hardest day of the workweek in the name of good coffee and good conversation. How was your week? Personally, I’ve felt a little more encouraged than I was this time last week. Kind of riding the high of this whole “fight like a girl” mindset. The more I sit with this idea of the way God loves His creation, the more I’m beginning to notice the ways the enemy has tried to steal, kill, and destroy us. Like last week, I want to take a look at some of his specific attacks against women.

Fight Like a Girl

So good to chat with you again, friend. I so look forward to our weekly conversations. And I don’t know about you, but I could use a dose of encouragement this week. Lately, it seems like there is no shortage of attack on the creation of God, and while I have no desire to dive into politics or the complicated debates surrounding even more complicated issues, I have to admit: it breaks my heart to see the myriad of ways the creation seems to think it knows better than the Creator.

Wonder Well

Hi! Welcome back! How was your week? *pauses to sip coffee and listen intently* 

So I’ve found myself imagining a lot lately, and it got me thinking of this question: where do our thoughts go when they go a-wondering?

Step Two

Hey! Welcome back to our weekly coffee date! Remember how we were talking about acceptance as a first step to discovering the purpose and meaning of us being here (aka that place we never thought we’d be, whether physical or metaphorical)? Well, I’ve been thinking a lot this week about what I consider to be step two: surrender.

Step One

I’m a list person. I like my to-do lists; I like my step-by-step instructions. And I really like completing things. Which is probably a lot of the reason why here (see last week’s content for the definition of “here”) often feels so frustrating: because this isn’t the final destination. We haven’t completed anything.

While We’re Here

Hi friend. How are you? What’s going on in your world? I really want to know. But before we begin, I should probably take a sec to let you know my preferred method of communication: in-person and in-depth. I was not built for small talk, so even though we aren’t sitting down face-to-face, having this conversation over a really good dark roast in the upper room of an ironically un-trendy cafe, I am absolutely pretending that we are.