I’ve learned this year that contending is a fight. Literally. It means to assert something, as in an argument. To struggle or surmount a difficulty. Contending for our faith is not easy work. But it is holy work. Let’s talk about it…

Then You Will Know

I’ve been thinking lately about how intentionally the Lord moves in our lives. He is always working, and He is always making moves that will accomplish His redemptive plan for the world. I wonder how much more we might understand if we viewed everything in our lives through the lens of God’s plan for redemption.

Stand Firm

In order to stand firm, we must cultivate a faith that is firm. And that part is on us. Let’s talk about it.

Promised Presence

When God gives an instruction, it comes with an inherent promise which ought to inspire our immediate obedience. Let’s talk about it.

Fearless Participation

Miracles lie on the other side of our obedience. But let’s consider the implications of that – in order for a miracle to exist, we have to encounter an impossible situation. We don’t love that part. We get way more excited about the miracle than we do the circumstances that necessitate the miracle.

But is it a Sin?

For Christians, this word can be tough, depending on what denomination raised you. For non-Christians, this word can be the very thing that has kept you out of the faith. And, as with most hot-button issues, everyone has their own definition.

Good Shepherd

My prayer lately has been that we would follow after God step by step, moment by moment. Not looking left, not looking right. Eyes locked on the One who walks with us. And ultimately, whether the path we trod is smooth or riddled with potholes, that we would cling to the hand of the Good Shepherd.


For those of us who are hardwired for activity – the ones who get. stuff. done. – waiting can be torture. But what if we misunderstood the assignment?

Experiencing God

Have you ever paused and considered what you would tell your younger self? I think it’s a good practice because it forces us to stop, to take stock of how much we’ve grown. And odds are, the advice we’d give to the younger generation is advice we still need to hear now.
Let’s talk about it…

Neither Did Jesus

I know what my flesh wants, but my soul is resigned to your will, Father. Don’t let this turn out according to my plans. Rather, strengthen me to endure so that your perfect will may come to pass.